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Daylight spots reduce the CO2 output

Green Lighting is one of the companies in Germany that unites the themes of "Sustainable building" and "Light". We bring the themes together and we are strongly committed to sustainable light solutions with the Lightway daylight spot. Our focus is on ecological compatibility with the handling of our environmental resources. The use of renewable energy sources and an optimum CO2 balance in the selection of our commercial products have the highest priority. Let us take you on a journey across the Earth with the images of the feature film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand...

With our daylight spot you lower your individual CO2 emissions and avoid an unnecessary waste of energy. Everybody leaves his own "Carbon footprint" (CO2 footprint) and has it in his own hands to reduce the pollution of our environment, so that future generations can live with fewer environmental problems. Green Lighting helps them in this with the daylight spot!

We have developed a completely new method of calculation to determine the correct daylight spot. We call this innovation CO2-light-calculator. With this comfortable tool, you can quickly find out how many daylight spots must be used in your area to achieve your desired level of illumination. At the same time, the program determines your individual CO2 saving potential. the CO2-light-calculator

Nature is very close to our heart. For people have not taken long to make an extreme change to our appearance. Climate changes and increasing emission of pollutants are the result. Therefore, we have considered something to simultaneously relieve nature and to reduce costs for our customers.

The Lightway daylight spot: the daylight spot ensures that even in spaces with few windows, enough daylight is available. Dark corners can be illuminated by the light tubes of the daylight spot which guide the light from the outside to the inside.
The daylight spot works without electricity. There is no danger of heat loss with our daylight spot.

With a daylight spot without electricity you save money and reduce the CO2 emissions of your building. You also benefit from the beneficial effects of natural light.

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